Make online
learning better—
without the cost.

Create a well-produced course 10X faster.

It can take over 100 hours for a professor to film an online course. But with our tech, professors save all that time and effort. We not only make presentations captivating with cinema-quality animations, but we make designing a breeze with our straightforward, sleek templates.

Creating content is often a pay-to-play game. Turning a lesson into a well-produced video can cost anywhere between $25K-150K, and sometimes over one hundred hours.

Our text-to-animate technology removes this need to invest in expensive cameras, lighting equipment, recording equipment — and all that post-production software. Plus, it opens the platform to users who don’t have the time or ability to record a video.

Save hours and stop spending $25K - $150K.

Update courses instantly.

So a professor just wrote a course—and now some new information has come about, making the entire lesson outdated.

Fixing this problem could take hours. Or, with Prof Jim, it can take five minutes. Just make your edits, and then re-render. Yes, it really is that simple.

Creating an online course doesn’t just involve tons of production—but it involves lots of writing, scripting, and planning. Let our AI technology scan a chapter in your textbook, and automatically create an interactive course for free.

Create one lesson for free.