Offer niche enrichment classes, like programming.

Coding classes needn’t break the bank.

Students and parents know that coding is a core life skill—and they want to learn it. But most schools don’t have enough faculty to make this happen.

With Prof Jim, schools can now offer affordable niche enrichment opportunities, like coding in HTML or Python, that help kids interested in STEM succeed.

Whole brain learning.

Our neurodiverse technology puts students into immersive, interactive environments, adapting to all senses (well, except smell) creating powerful neural pathways that transform understanding and memory.

Can technology help you embrace neurodiversity?

We don’t just transform lessons. We transform lives.

  • 15% of people are dyslexic—most don’t even know that they are!
  • 80% of students placed in special education have dyslexia.
  • Dyslexia affects one in five students.
  • 10% of today’s students are diagnosed with attention disorders—often related to dyslexia.
*National Center for Learning Disabilities

Every teacher knows: capturing a student’s attention is half the work. And Prof Jim’s platform makes this happen. Not only do we integrate interactive coding platforms—we capture a child’s attention and their imagination. By bringing historical characters, like Ada Lovelace, or Jane Austen, to life, students are immersed in an entirely different world.

Our tech makes kids pay attention.

Ada Lovelace Babbage Sacagawea Aristotle

Don’t believe us? We hear you. This is why we do demos. Connect with us today and see how we can help your teachers save time and provide game-changing electives for your kids.

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