Make your textbooks come alive.

Want to lead the way in digital transformation?

Our patented AI simply scans your textbooks, and auto-creates immersive online lessons. Equipped with cinema-quality animations and adaptive assessments, you can now transport students to another world.

Don’t spend $25K-$150K to make a boring lesson.

At Prof Jim, we can just scan your text, and your textbooks can transform into immersive experiences just through our AI scan. So, go on. Take your audience to ancient Greece to learn with someone like Aristotle—all while you save thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and probably lots of headaches.

So, what would happen if you turned your textbook into a high-quality immersive experience? Throw some interactive questions, and you’ve just topped 99% of YouTube. With Prof Jim, more neural pathways are activated and strengthened. And students are more likely to fully remember—and enjoy—your material.

85% of GenZ uses YouTube to learn.

*2017 Study by The Center For Generational Kinetics.

What if textbooks helped students with dyslexia?

Neurodiversity is a hot topic in education. And for good reason.

  • 80%-90% of students placed in special education have dyslexia.
  • Dyslexia affects one in five human beings.
  • Most people have no idea that they’re dyslexic; they just assume they’re “bad at reading.”*
*National Center for Learning Disabilities

Skeptics, we respect you.

That’s why we give demos, providing textbook publishers one free chapter—no strings attached.

One free chapter.