Auto-convert thousands of books into lessons.

Click, click, click. With our AI, you can transform text into immersive experiences. For instance, now you can take your audience to mid-century France and learn about Chemistry with Marie Curie, or travel to Ancient Greece and meet Euclid.

Looking to
expand your

Think of a topic. Any topic. And there’s likely a textbook written about it. So, why reinvent the wheel? Using our AI, you can partner with publishers, and convert their textbooks into cinematic online courses. This way, you can easily increase the number of courses, all while improving their quality.

Creating content is often a pay-to-play game. Turning a lesson into a well-produced video can cost anywhere between $25K-150K, and sometimes over one hundred hours.

Our text-to-animate technology removes this need to invest in expensive cameras, lighting equipment, recording equipment — and all that post-production software. Plus, it opens the platform to users who don’t have the time or ability to record a video.

Stop spending $25K - $150K.

Save time with fast, hassle-free edits.

So you created a lesson—and now some new information has come to light, making that lesson feel rather dated.

Fixing this problem could take hours. Or, with Prof Jim, it can take five minutes. Just make your edits, and then re-render. Yes, it really is that simple.

One free course.

Don’t believe us? We hear you.

If you’re a marketplace, we’ll offer to transform one chapter of any course you want to come to life for free. Connect with us today.